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NCAA Recap: Yale Scores Historic Upset

(12)Yale 79 – (5)Baylor 75

Recap: The first real upset of March Madness! Yale checked off this year’s traditional 12-5 upset in dramatic and historic fashion. The win marks Yale’s first tournament appearance since 1961-62 and the school’s inaugural NCAA Tournament win. Scrappy Point Guard Makai Mason was outstanding throughout, displaying poise far beyond his Sophomore classification. Mason netted 31 points, setting a career high and the Yale March Madness scoring record in one swoop. The Bulldogs fundamental play clearly rattled the superior Baylor athletes. Yale gauged the Bears on multiple back door cuts and set solid screens. Tensions bubbled over on the Baylor sideline when big man Robert Gathers openly shoved Taurean Prince during a stoppage in play. The Bulldogs survived some skittish moments late. Baylor shaved the deficit to 2 points with only 6 seconds remaining, but failed to get a shot off because of an errant Lester Medford turnover.

Key Stat: Yale ousted Baylor despite attempting 19 fewer shots from the field. The Bulldogs made up for the disparity with efficiency from the field and free throw line. Yale shot 53 percent on field goals opposed to 44 percent from Baylor and outshot Baylor from the charity stripe 22/29 to 9/15.

Quote: “You could see that Baylor, they didn’t take us seriously from the start of the game, and as we started hitting shots, they realized we’re for real. And that’s with a lot of mid-major teams. They don’t really do a good job scouting them or think highly of them.” Quipped Justin Sears
“Anything can happen. And that’s how we put up a win today.”


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